I’ve been forgetting to update the time on these so if a post is at 5 or 6 something, add three hours to it. I wish I could get to it that early but it isn’t possible.

I didn’t NT & HR this morning because I got up too late. I did do everything else.

Breakfast was OJ, a couple of underripe nectarines, and a banana/romaine/pear smoothie.

I got to work late. I got out in the sun for a couple minutes less than 15. My snack was cantaloupe. Lunch was a banana/spinach/mango smoothie that was luscious, cucumber, and tomatoes. I ate in my office because the breakroom was too full of people for me to wedge myself in. It was a blessing in disguise. They’d bought broaster chicken and it stank something awful. I can’t believe anyone would eat anything that smelled that bad.

After everyone except the late shift person had left, I went out to get some more sun for 15 minutes. I’d remarked that things were pretty quiet. Too bad I said that! It always makes things busy and it did! That’s good for the hospital, though.

I stopped by the roadside stand on the way home and picked up a box of tomatoes. I’ve had it with the tough watery ones. I’ll take them to work tomorrow and let the cooked food people have them. I went by the Tomato Man’s stand, too, and bought a cup of tomatoes. I figured I would compare them and see which were better.

When I got home, I had a piece of watermelon. It won’t be long before it’s gone and I can cut into the other one and see if it’s any better. Then I had a small cucumber that I’d bought at the first stand. It was really good and mild. I fixed a banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie. It was very tasty. I used a tomato from each stand to see which one I liked best but then I got them mixed up and I still don’t know. They are both good but one was sweeter.

I have the bulletin done and ready to print. I’m going to go in and read some and then call in for the last session. Tomorrow is the last day of the Green Cleanse. This one has been easier than the first one. I didn’t win the Body Enlightenment System. I did get one of my recipes published in the e-mail that Frederic sent out daily. Does that make me famous?

I’ll go brush my teeth and that will be it for my day! Oh, I need to run the dishwasher, too.

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