This morning was more laid back than yesterday. I got up a half hour late. As a consequence, I had to trim my time on the NT & HR but I got everything else in.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. My snack was the other two nectarines. One was good and the other a little on the tart side.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, cucumber, and “chili”.

It was so busy today that I didn’t get outside at all except to walk from one building to the other. It was frustrating but I don’t think I’ll lose all my vitamin D because of it.

Yesterday, one of the Lunch Bunch brought in her new assistant to meet me and all of my crew. She introduced me and “the head honcho who drinks swamp water” and said I’d “lost a ton of weight.” She has lived to regret both statements. The rest of the Lunch Bunch has repeated it over and over until she wishes she’d never said it. I thought it was pretty funny, myself. Today, someone asked me how much I’ve lost. My partner in crime said, “She’s lost a TON of weight.” I said, yes, that–so far–I’ve lost 2,055 pounds.

Which brings me to something I left out of the recounting of my morning. I weighed on my new scales for the first time and it came up 131.8. That’s about the same difference I got between my other scales and my daughter-in-law’s. I think I like these better. They are supposed to show how much I’ve gained or lost from one day to the next, too, but I haven’t figured out how that works. If they’ll just give me the right information I’ll be happy.

One of the nurses said that she admires my determination. I do wish I could get it through to everyone that I’m not this person who grits her teeth and wills herself to get through yet another day of eating raw food. It isn’t something that’s hard to do!

I stopped at the roadside stand for more cucumbers and ended up with an ear of corn, a cantaloupe, and some local plums, too. The plums are small but they have a good flavor. I was asked to sample them and, of course, I had to buy them. They have some large seeded watermelons that I’ll have to try when I finish the one I have.

Supper was a big chunk of watermelon. I haven’t been impressed with the beautiful mangos I got from the co-op last time. The box said they were heat treated and I think they were subjected to that a little too long. I guess all of them have been heat treated but these mostly rotted before they got ripe. I butchered the last four and got enough to eat all I wanted and I have a couple of small containers full in the fridge for later. After that, I had three large tomatoes with Tajin and that was it for today. I didn’t have any salad but there is nothing written anywhere that I have to have greens three times a day.

I got an e-mail from Frederic Patenaude that the 7-Day Green Detox Cleanse based on the Green for Life program will start this weekend. I still haven’t fully decided to do it this time. I’ll wait until I get the preparation sheets and see what it involves. I’m sure it’s something that would be beneficial and I’ll probably end up doing it. We’ll see…as I think I’ve said before.

Well, folks, I’m up past my bedtime again. I need to put some food out for Twinkle so she won’t be meowing at me to get up and feed her. Good night!

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