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Hoo! I’m sleepy but I must do this! I got up and did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ, strawberries (and they are scrumptious!), and a banana/romaine smoothie. Break was more strawberries. It was a rainy day–again. I didn’t get outside for any sun. I did walk quite a bit since it was the […]

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It’s getting on toward 9 so I’m going to get this done and go to bed on time tonight (I hope). I got up and measured and had 1/2″ total inch loss. My weight was 133 for the second day in a row. I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and a mango. […]

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WeatherBug just chirped at me as a severe weather warning came in. I’m going to go ahead with my daily post so I can get off here and unplug my modem. This morning was my “vacation” from exercising so I slept in for a little while. I cut down on my water, OJ, and didn’t […]

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47 weeks! Another week gone and I haven’t craved the first cooked food. That’s the norm. Yesterday, the Lunch Bunch was talking about where to get the best meat. That would have never had any pull for me but I couldn’t help but think they should read Mad Cowboy. The votes were for the supermarket […]

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I got to bed late last night and will again tonight. I had to see how “American Inventor” turned out and my votes helped choose the winner! Evenflo is going to help make the carseat a reality and bring it to the market. I did all of my exercises this morning and had OJ, a […]

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Here I am, up late again. I should be in bed but it’s obvious I’m not. I’d decided last night not to make a salad for the dinner today but to do Mock Salmon Pate on romaine leaves instead. I was up in plenty of time to do that and still get in my Wednesday […]

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Exercised all of my body parts that I usually do. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. It was another dreary day, though it didn’t rain until after I got home and got everything unloaded. I didn’t attempt to go outside for anything since it was fairly chilly. My mid-morning snack was watermelon eaten at […]

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I got three issues of “Living Nutrition” today so I’m going to make this short and go to bed and READ. I finished Mad Cowboy last night. I’m ready for something else. It was about half an hour past the time the alarm went off when I got up this morning but I still had […]

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It was almost 8 when I got up this morning. I measured and I’ve lost 1/4″ net. I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of bananas, romaine, and blueberries again. I didn’t forget! The weather was supposed to be cool and rainy. I was cool but the rain never materialized. […]

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I slept until my mind changed this morning after getting to bed earlier than usual last night. In the early hours of the morning, it hit me that I hadn’t started the distiller and I’m out of bottled water. It took me three minutes to get up, fill it, start it, and get back into […]

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