I was early last night blogging and late tonight. Is that what’s meant as having a balance? I think not. At least I don’t have to go to work tomorrow or the next day or the next for the rest of the week.

The clock said 7:34 when I got up this morning. I measured and found that I’ve lost a whole 1/4 inch. That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

I did all my exercises and had OJ, a banana/pear/romaine smoothie, and the rest of the mango from yesterday.

The sun was shining nicely and I took advantage of it. I couldn’t find my top and I guess it was Providential. I put on my old bathing suit top which covers considerably more. While I was stretched out “bathing”, my neighbor drove up in her van. I kept my eyes closed and tried to be invisible. I’m sure she saw me but I was more covered than usual.

When I came in, I had a kiwi and two peaches. The peaches weren’t as good as the ones I’ve been having. Maybe I should have let them ripen longer.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie and half a large cucumber. I was getting my supper tomato/orange pepper/onion mixture together when CallWave alerted me that my daughter was calling for our weekly visit. I finished it up and got it into the dehydrator and tried to call her back several times. I got voice mail every time so I got back online and e-mailed her to call me. It started storming which encouraged me to get offline and unplug my modem.

It wasn’t long until she called and we had a good visit.

When we hung up, I had my chili and prepared to go back out and get some more sun. The weather has sure been strange.

It was close to 90 when I sunned this morning but the rain cooled things off and the temperature dropped to less than 80. It was very nice.

I had some watermelon and got ready to go to a shower for my good friend’s son’s intended. I wanted to fix a smoothie to take with me but I didn’t have time. When I got there, I looked the table over and the only thing I could have eaten was grape tomatoes. I stayed until time for the eating to begin and took my leave.

I was going to go to the store and get some bananas and a watermelon or two but it was already closed. I went to the other one and had thought I would get some spinach but the fact they were totally out of romaine distracted me. I didn’t get any spinach. I don’t know if they even had any. I did get a couple of smallish melons.

It was back to the house where I had my tomato mixture straight out of the Corningware cake pan. It was just slightly warm and GOOD. It was too late by that time to fix and eat a salad so I had a small avocado.

Time is marching right along and it’s late. Gotta get to bed! I can sleep until my mind changes in the morning.

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