I got three issues of “Living Nutrition” today so I’m going to make this short and go to bed and READ. I finished Mad Cowboy last night. I’m ready for something else.

It was about half an hour past the time the alarm went off when I got up this morning but I still had time to do all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ and what was going to be a banana/mango/romaine smoothie but the mango was so good that I ate it by itself.

My mid-morning snack was the last three kiwi. It was too cool to go outside and clouds were covering the sun, anyway.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, cucumbers, and “chili”. I had taken three cukes and shared them.

It was still overcast and cool plus I was short-staffed. I didn’t even try to get outside this afternoon.

I’m getting a little low on bananas. I stopped at my usual store to get some but there were none in sight anywhere. I needed some romaine to tide me over until my organic order comes in tomorrow so I thought I’d check the other store re: bananas. They were darker than glow-in-the-dark green. I let them keep all they had. I got two heads of romaine since the last was bad and went to top off my gas tank.

When I pulled up at the pump, it was gratifying to see that the price had dropped 20 cents. I’m good for awhile unless I have to take any extended trips.

I’d been sprinkled on a little in the parking lot at the last store and had to use my wipers some on the way up the mountain. When I got home, it started in again but I just dodged the raindrops and came on in.

I cranked up the heat and lit the gas logs and had some watermelon. It isn’t nearly as good in cool weather. Then I had some more appropriate food–cream of tomato soup. I used three tomatoes chunked up in the blender and added some of the cashew dip that was left over from the weekend. It was okay but I would have liked it better with less seasoning. I made a large romaine/cucumber salad and thinned the rest of the dip to use as dressing and that was the rest of my supper.

As I said before, I’m going to go to bed and read. There are plenty of things that I could do otherwise but I’m going to indulge myself.

Good night!

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