It was pretty close to on time when I got up. I’d finished a chapter in Mad Cowboy last night. We’ll see if I get to bed early enough to read some more tonight.

I did all of my exercises except I had to cut down on the NT & HR by half. At least I got them in.

Breakfast was OJ, strawberries, and a banana/romaine smoothie.

I got outside for 15 minutes in the a.m. My mid-morning snack was two kiwi and some more strawberries.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie. One of the aides tasted it and liked it. She did think it needed some more spinach. There were only two bunches when I bought it yesterday so I’m trying to stretch it. I also had a cucumber and a large tomato, chopped, with Tajin. Some of the people tried the Tajin and the reviews were mixed.

I’ve sprung for a GPS. I think it will be more reasonable than a cell phone since the satellites are more reliable than towers. It came today so I took my next 15 minutes to go out and try to acquire the satellite signals. I stayed out in the middle of the parking lot all that time and nothing. I went in and called my son. Come to find out, the signals bounce off the pavement so that wasn’t a good place to try. I took it out in the middle of the field and still nothing. I laid it on the grass while I went in to go potty and when I got back, it was still acquiring the signal. I gave up and went back to work.

When I got up the mountain, I stopped and got a box of tomatoes. I still have quite a few but they are still on this side of being ripe. I’m sure that none of them will go to waste.

It was on home and I went out to try to get the GPS initialized–again. I hung it on the clothesline for a good half hour. It was still acquiring signal. I took it over to the neighbors’ yard where there aren’t as many trees and tried it again. Finally, I started it over on locate satellites and whaddaya know! It worked! It took a long time to go from one to two, and it seemed even longer to get to three but it finally gave me my coordinates. I still have a lot to learn but that’s the biggie out of the way.

I had half a cantaloupe that was pretty good, a large slice of watermelon, and three of the better tomatoes.

David Blaine is in the middle of his most recent insane stunt. I’ve been listening more than watching. I had to stop and go in and see the last few minutes. He didn’t make it as long as he wanted but I don’t see how he could expect to, the condition his condition was in.

My last meal of the day was a smallish salad. The organic romaine I got at the university store looked a lot bigger than it turned out to be. I had some cashew dressing on it that wasn’t as good as usual. I put too much onion in it.

Well, folks, it’s past my bedtime so I’ll sign off for tonight.

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