45 weeks! Amusing!

It’s past 9 and I’m not even close to being ready for bed. I’d like to be able to get to bed early on Friday nights but it never seems to happen.

I went ahead and read several pages in my book last night and still haven’t finished that chapter. It must be the longest one.

Even though it was late when I got to bed, I woke before the alarm went off so I got up and planned to leave sooner than usual so I could gas up the car.

I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ with one of the blood oranges, and a smoothie of banana, romaine, and the last mango. I meant to go by and see if there were any more to be had but I forgot.

Today was the last day for awhile that I had to pick up the mail and go to the bank. I stopped by one supermarket and got enough romaine to do me over the weekend and then went to the other one and got some strawberries and almost 11 pounds of bananas. I try to keep enough bananas ahead so they’ll get ripe. The cashier was in a fog and rang them up twice. I don’t mind paying for them once but…When I pointed it out she apologized and took the duplicate off. I took the romaine in and put it in the breakroom fridge.

I’d taken a honey tangerine for break but never got around to eating it. It was a drizzly day so I didn’t get outside this morning, either.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie–the last spinach I have. And there’s none to be had in town. I also had a cucumber and Campari tomatoes.

It was a slow, dead day. I’d gotten caught up on my auditing and had to hunt for things to do.

The sky began to clear so I went out and spent 10 minutes in the “sun”. It was playing peek-a-boo and was mostly hiding. It was on the cool side, too, so that didn’t encourage me to stay the full 15 minutes.

It was finally time to leave and I was on my way to the car when one of my friends asked me if I had my romaine. I blessed her for reminding me and praised the Lord that He was looking out for me and went back and got it.

I hadn’t had time to get fuel this morning so I stopped this afternoon. The owner was pumping the gas and we always have a conversation about the price of gas, etc. He asked me if I hadn’t heard him yelling at me the last time I went in. No, I hadn’t. I roll the window up so it would have been hard for me to hear anything not inside the car. Seems I’d left part of my change–$8.60, to be exact. I was very glad to get it.

When I got home, I had the rest of the first watermelon. The other one is in the fridge, chilling now. Then I had tomatoes and Tajin. I topped it all off with a huge salad of romaine, cucumber, and cashew dressing. I know, I know. I said I was going to have to cut back on that but I was down a pound and a half this morning. Go figure. I made a double portion of it so I can take some with me tomorrow. I also fixed a large salad to go.

My granddaughter’s Investiture is tomorrow evening. She belongs to a club that is our church version of the Cub Scouts. She’ll be graduating to the Pathfinders which is along the lines of the Scouts. It’s coed. Their club has a membership of 80-some kids. It has been a big job for my son and daughter-in-law–and mostly for my DIL. They are the current leaders but this is their last year to do it. The year is over this month and they are relieved to see the end in sight. Since the kids are all on the young side, at least one parent was required to be at the meetings, campouts, whatever. A lot of the time, both would show up and bring the member’s siblings. That made for a huge crowd. They incorporated the Little Lambs in with the Adventurers (the name of the club) so the littlest ones would have something to do. My DIL has put in several days, almost around the clock, and is exhausted. I’m going to stay with my other son, his wife, and my four year old granddaughter. Now, all I’d need to make the weekend complete would be my daughter and son-in-law come in. That isn’t possible.

I’m going to quit this, do what I have to do, and go to bed. Happy Sabbath!

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