It’s getting on toward my bedtime but Twinkle is having one of her crazy spells and I may be up for awhile. She was sitting in the doorway–I only had it open a crack and didn’t know she was there. I closed her up between the door and the storm door and I guess I startled her. She started hissing and hitting the door. I immediately opened it and she came out yowling and screeching to beat the band. I finally made my way to the door and tried to lure her outside but she wouldn’t go. For those of you who don’t know, she is definitely an inside cat. She was declawed when I got her from my granddaughter. She survived several days outside a few years ago but she isn’t equipped to do it long. I have some of her favorite food thawing which I hope will calm her down. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last night, I read some more in a chapter of Mad Cowboy. I hope to do the same again tonight but who knows?

I did my vision therapy this morning. Breakfast was OJ, cantaloupe, and a smoothie of banana, romaine, and mango that was quite good.

Break was Campari tomatoes and a cucumber. I got outside just as the sun came out so I sat for 15 minutes and soaked up the rays.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie and cantaloupe. While the one this morning wasn’t ripe enough, this one was overripe.

On up in the afternoon, I went out for 15 minutes more sun.

I stopped on the way home and got some produce. It didn’t take much to unload it (it was one bag) when I got here.

There’s enough watermelon for a couple more days after I had a slice. Then I had my tomatoes and Tajin followed by a large salad of romaine, cucumber, and cashew dressing. Yesterday, I tried making the dressing with fresh onion and it is so much better I did the same thing again today.

It was while I was eating my salad that I decided to close the front door and that’s when all you-know-what broke loose with Twinkle. I’d called my son earlier and left voice mail so he called me back while I was writing this. I ignored Twinkle because every time I looked at her, she hissed. While I was on the phone, she came over and rubbed against my leg. I guess she was letting me know that she’s okay. She still hasn’t touched the medallions so I’ll leave them out for her tonight. I finally got to finish my salad a few minutes ago and it’s almost 10:30. My son and I talked for almost half an hour.

Guess I should let this be it for 3 May, 2006. Good night!

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