Here I am, up late again. This time, I have a good excuse. One of the girls at work had asked me to modify a picture for her by taking someone out. I don’t think she realized what a job it would be. I’d worked on it off and on since (mostly off) but I was determined to get it finished tonight. I did, in a manner of speaking. It wasn’t my best work but it was certainly my most challenging.

I did all of my exercises this morning and had OJ, a banana/romaine smoothie, and some mango for breakfast.

Break was the rest of the mango. I didn’t get to go out in the sun this morning. I ate my lunch inside, too. It was a banana/pear/spinach smoothie, most of a cucumber (I shared), and Campari tomatoes.

Mid-afternoon, I did go out in the sun and I kept dozing off. It was pleasant.

The big news at work is that the administrator is 12 weeks pregnant. When I found out, it was hard to relate her name with the word “pregnant”. It took some time to sink in. We’d kidded about it but it wasn’t something that I ever really thought would happen.

When I got home, I had half a cantaloupe, some watermelon, tomatoes with Tajin, and a smaller than usual salad of romaine, cucumber, onion, with cashew dressing. Someone asked me what Tajin is and I’d commented some time ago, “Tajin is something I found at Wal*Mart. It’s labeled as a fruit seasoning but it’s chili peppers, salt [gasp!], and dehydrated lime juice. It has an anti-caking agent in it, too, so it is definitely not optimal. :)”

My eyes are feeling the strain of working on the picture so I think I’ll hang this up and go to bed.

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