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I’m up ‘way too late again and it’s all because of the (excuse my language) durn bulletin. I talked to the pastor this morning and asked him to be sure to get the info to me so I could get it done tonight but nothing so far. I’ve gotten everything in that I can and […]

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I did my vision therapy this morning since it’s Wednesday. It’s always nice to have a change of pace. Breakfast was OJ, some organic mango, and a banana/romaine smoothie. I took the smoothie to work with me. I’d heard on the news that there was a severe storm warning for the area where I was […]

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It was past my regular time to get up this morning because I’d stayed up to read Mad Cowboy. It’s a real page-turner. I wanted to finish the chapter I was on but it was several pages more. I had to make myself put it down. I had time to do most of my exercises. […]

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Well, They’ve spoiled it for me! I’ve been watching “The Next Food Network Star” but I don’t watch it when it’s on the first time. I record it and watch it later. They announced that they’re down to Reggie and Guy so I know that Carissa and Nathan have been sent packing. I’ll watch it, […]

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Easter morning found me in bed until 6:30! Sleeping in again! When I got up, first thing I did (almost) was measure. I’ve lost an inch and a quarter since the last time I measured which was three weeks ago. I weighed in at 133 lubs. I did all my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and […]

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I was going to get to this long ago but I started reading and answering posts on the forum and here I am, past 10 o’clock again. I had an experience last night that I don’t want to repeat ever again. I’d gone to the bathroom and not turned on any lights, as usual. Something […]

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42 weeks today! I had planned to get to bed reasonably early tonight but I’ve fooled around and not done it. I did get up in time to do all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was OJ, some strawberries, and a banana/romaine smoothie. I had more strawberries mid-morning. I waited too late to go […]

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I’m getting down to the wire here. Gotta be in bed soon! The pastor had sent me information for the schedule for the campout this weekend so that took my exercise time. It’s done, printed, and I left it at the hospital for him to pick up whenever he got a round tuit. I don’t […]

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I did my vision therapy this morning as planned. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. I spent less than 10 minutes in the sun before lunch. It was a little on the cool side and a light wind was blowing. I was in the case manager’s office when the ER supervisor came in and […]

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I got up in time to exercise everything except my eyes, and that’s tomorrow. I read some more in Mad Cowboy before I went to sleep last night. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. Break was an orange. I didn’t have enough staff today to cover for me to go outside and sun. I […]

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