It’s pretty late so I’ll make this brief. I got up and did all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was OJ, part of a large mango, and a smoothie of bananas and lots of romaine.

I had a pear for my mid-morning snack. I didn’t have time to go out to sun except at lunch. I sat on the steps to the CT scanner and ate so I could keep warm. It’s turned cool after all the hot weather we’ve had. Lunch was a banana/spinach/mango smoothie, cucumber, and my last two Campari tomatoes.

This is annual orientation time and my last session was immediately after lunch. I forgot that I’d scheduled a staff meeting at the same time so it was put on hold. We had a short ‘n sweet meeting after I got out of the inservice.

I had time to get the bare essentials done before I left an hour and a half early so I could get to my granddaughter’s recital. I had called my son and told him I’d meet them at the house and ride with them but there was a detour and it threw me far enough behind that I figured I wouldn’t be able to get to the house on time. I went to the store at the university and called him. It was a good thing because my DIL and granddaughter had gone on ahead and he was waiting for me. I sped on to the house and he took over the driving. We got there with 12 minutes to spare.

There were lots of students but none of them were better than my granddaughter. Some were more advanced but she played with confidence and flair and even saluted when her performance was over. The theme was patriotic and she played, with her teacher, “American Patrol”. Her great granny used to play that. She would have been proud. She crossed over her hands four times–I counted them. She looked really cute dressed as a sailor. There were several that dressed to match what they were playing. A Southern Belle played “Dixie”. “Yankee Doodle” had on a hat with feathers. It was a good program and lasted just about an hour.

My family stayed and visited but I hadn’t eaten since lunch so I came on to the house and dug into my stash of food. I had tomatoes with Tajin and then a huge salad with cashew dressing. I was still eating it when they got home.

We watched the rest of “American Inventor” together and now I am going to go to bed. I’m supposed to pick up the organic order tomorrow but I still haven’t found out when I’m supposed to be there.

Good night!

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  1. Liz April 28, 2006 at 1:53 pm #


    I’m still making my way through your blog archives and noticed that you put Twinkle on a raw food diet (great pictures by the way!). My boyfriend and I have two cats and we’ve toyed with the idea of having them go raw. Right now, they’re eating the healthiest (ha, is that possible?) cooked stuff (no by-products/preservatives) we can get them with vitamins, supplements, and extra raw veggies thrown in. Are there are resources you would recommend for a raw cat food diet? I’ve read about the controversies about bones v. no bones and that they need organ meat too. What do you recommend/suggest? Thanks!

  2. Tommie April 28, 2006 at 9:18 pm #

    I had read an article on the WWW about making your own raw food but it was a process to say the least. The author said that he recommends Prairie brand raw foods. I googled it and found an online store where I can order it. It is 95% ground meat and bone with 5% veggies. It’s supposed to mimic what a cat would eat if it were hunting for its food and eating the stomach along with the rest of whatever its kill was. Twinkle is very picky and doesn’t like the chicken/turkey AT ALL. She seemed to learn to like it toward the end of the first bag so I ordered another one. The last time I ordered, I left it off. She doesn’t like chicken necks, either. The last time I ordered I got her some Primal brand beef and salmon and it was only after it got here that I found out that the salmon is cooked. I suppose that is because of some health issue, maybe. She likes it so I give it to her occasionally but no more than a couple of nuggets a day. Roger feeds his cat chicken breast and stew beef but when I tried Twinkle on that, I had a lot to throw away. If you do start feeding raw, transition your animals slowly. One thing that was a welcome change was the upchucking stopped when I got her completely off commercial cat food. What she’s eating would be considered commercial, too, but it isn’t Meow Mix. 🙂 There’s lots of information on the Internet about feeding raw meat. Good luck with it if you do decide to try it!

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