My exercising was sans NT & HR this morning.

My exercising was sans NT & HR this morning. Breakfast was OJ, part of a large mango, and a banana/spinach/pear smoothie. Break was the rest of the mango. Lunch was another banana/spinach/pear smoothie, cucumber, and Campari tomatoes. I sunned this morning and afternoon both for 15 minutes. Each time. After work, I went to the two local supermarkets and got the food I’d need for the next few days.

My sister’s angiogram turned into something more involved. One of her arteries was severely blocked and another one partially blocked. Two stents were put into the one with the severe blockage. When the doctor was inserting the stents, she was moaning in pain. She said that she was thankful it wasn’t a bypass, though. She had to lie flat of her back for 11 hours which was miserable. She’s home now and should be back to normal soon. God is good.

And now the reason for all the brevity–the pastor’s wife and their two offspring met me as planned and followed me to the cemetery where we toured most of my part of the family’s graves. It really is a peaceful location. Here are some of the pictures that I took.



Resting Place

I’ll let them speak for themselves. As always, if you have Opera as your browser, you can right click on any of these pictures and select Open Image so they will open larger in another window.

After a quick trip to Wal*Mart, I came home and fixed some tomatoes with Tajin and a good-sized salad of romaine, cucumber, and cashew dressing.

It’s late so I’m going to go to bed. Good night and sleep tight!

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  1. Margaret April 25, 2006 at 11:25 pm #

    Tommie, there is no way to email you directly, and it is too late to
    end this to the raw food list, but I want you to know:
    Your comments are so right on… for anyone, on any path, working on
    any thing at all! Everything you have said can be extrapolated to
    any area of life. So beautiful!
    ” We are a proud group and not easily swayed by
    the opinions of people who haven’t been successful at it. I’ll be the
    first to admit that I’m weird–my children would agree–but my
    “weirdness” has cured me of many aches and pains, and I haven’t been
    sick in months which is highly unusual for me. Plus I have lost 54
    pounds _with_ hypothyroidism. Your statement that you don’t have the
    willpower or the time to cook all raw is a mis-statement. It doesn’t
    take willpower to stay raw if you go about it systematically and you
    don’t “cook” if you are eating raw. As for the time to prepare a raw
    meal, it doesn’t take much at all unless you are making the recipes
    that are popular on this forum and many others. It hardly takes any
    time at all to peel a banana, make a green smoothie, or toss a salad.
    It’s what you _want_ to do that you end up doing. If you really want
    to eat raw, you will, and if you do, you will reap the rewards. As for
    sending an e-mail to the author of the essay, I have better things to
    do and I’m the one who quoted my husband as saying, “A man convinced
    against his will is of the same opinion still.” I don’t think anyone
    is going to make him change his mind.”
    Keep on keeping on! Thanks! Margaret

  2. Tommie April 26, 2006 at 7:16 am #

    To catch people up on what was being discussed on Yahoo’s rawfood forum, here’s one of my posts:
    “The original essay by the doctor who coined the term “orthoexia
    nervosa” is here>> I
    don’t think he has it quite right but everyone is entitled to an
    opinion. I don’t think I would sit down and eat what he did and still
    feel good–physically or mentally.”

    It was several posts later that I wrote what Margaret quoted. Thanks for your comments Margaret! People may think I’m kooky and strange but they don’t feel as good as I do, either!

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