I was going to get to this long ago but I started reading and answering posts on the forum and here I am, past 10 o’clock again.

I had an experience last night that I don’t want to repeat ever again. I’d gone to the bathroom and not turned on any lights, as usual. Something either bit or stung me on the foot. It didn’t feel any worse than a flea bite at the time but my foot started stinging and burning later. I turned on the light and looked at it but it didn’t have a big place, wasn’t swelling, nothing. It felt like it was on fire, though. I remembered an old remedy that I’ve used in the past for flying insect stings so I went to the kitchen and took probably a tablespoon full of vinegar. It about took my breath away and my stomach was burning then. My foot calmed down and I was able to get back to sleep. My sister is pushing me to go to the doctor Monday and I may do that. I do hope it wasn’t something like a brown recluse. I’ve been checking it off and on all day today but nothing is visible.

It was 7:30 (sleeping in) before I got up this morning. That’s after a late night last night and the foot incident.

Breakfast was a strawberry/OJ smoothie and then some OJ by itself. By that time, it was getting to be around 9:30 so I went out and lay in the sun for a half hour in my new bikini. And don’t anyone even think about suggesting that I put a picture of myself on here in it! I got an 8/10 and that’s fine for the bottoms but my top is still at least a 12/14. Every time I bent over, I fell out. It will probably fit me next year but I’ll only wear it to sun in private. At least I got a lot of skin in the sun.

When I got back into the house, I finished up my breakfast with a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and organic spinach.

I kind of switched things around (I can do that, you know) and had some tomatoes with Tajin later on. Then I had a banana/romaine smoothie.

It was getting on up in the afternoon by that time so I put on the aforementioned bikini for some more time in the sun. It was getting kind of far over but I put my towel where I figured I’d get the most for the longest. I had intended to get a lounge when I was in town yesterday but I forgot it completely. I think I got the full 15 minutes on my front but when I turned over, the sun was so far over that the shadow from the house covered all of me except for my shoulders and head. I’ll have to remember to go out sooner tomorrow.

When I came in, I had a mango. It was the lightest color flesh I’ve ever seen but it tasted reasonably good. Then I had some more tomatoes with Tajin. I filled my bowl with salad–romaine, tomato, cucumber, and “dressing” of mashed avocado with lime juice. I ate the WHOLE THING.

I ate so much juicy stuff today that I spent a lot of my time running to the bathroom. Even though this was my day to take off from exercising, I still got a lot in because of that. Roger said that the vinegar is toxic and put my body in super elimination mode. Maybe that help cause it, too.

I’m still going to read some tonight in Mad Cowboy. It’s a good book.

Good night!

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