If I don’t hurry, it will be tomorrow

If I don’t hurry, it will be tomorrow before I get this done.

This is NICE. I’m at my son’s place. He has broadband plus a wireless hub I got him for his birthday one year. I wish it was available at my house but I live in the boonies where there’s nothing faster than dialup unless you want to go the cost of satellite. I can’t afford that!

I slept until my mind changed this morning. Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of bananas, romaine, a pear, and blueberries. Before I left the house, I had another banana/romaine smoothie. I’m glad I discovered that the outer leaves are the best for smoothies.

When I was still several miles out, my bladder gave the signal that it was time To Go. I managed to make it to the park, but there were no places TO park. I went around to the back of the police station and was going to slide into one of their spaces just long enough to take care of the Call of Nature but there was a policeman out there and he motioned me on. I backed out and pulled around, lowering my window. I told him that I was only going to be there for a minute–that I HAD to go to the restroom. He said, “Pull over there by the trash cans and park. I know how you feel. I only hope it’s clean.” The trash cans were as close to the restroom as one could get in a car. I would have had quite a little distance to walk from where I was originally parked. His being out there was Providential.

Desmond Doss, a neighbor from long ago passed away. His funeral was today. It was held in the church at the university and the place was packed. There were too many seats kept as reserved so it looked a little strange to have three full pews empty. There were lots of stirring tributes. All in all, it was an impressive service for a humble man. My two brothers-in-law and their wives were there. I also saw a couple I went to school with many years ago. I spotted a member from my church, too, but she was headed out at a fast clip. I’m sure there were plenty of people there I knew but I didn’t hang around long.

When I got to my son’s place, my granddaughter decided that she wanted to go to a social her Sabbath School class was having. I was left at the house with the birds and cats. They asked me to come with them but I hadn’t had anything to eat since my last smoothie so I elected to stay. I had a large bowl of tomatoes, a salad, and two and a half “burgers” with cashew gravy.

After sundown, I started watching a Carol Burnett DVD and it was almost over when they got home. After everyone got settled in, we watched “Love Comes Softly”. My son is notorious for being soft-hearted and my granddaughter doesn’t let him forget it. She spent about as much time watching to see if he cried as she spent watching the movie. He confessed to tearing up a couple of times but that’s it.

Everyone but me is in bed and it’s already Sunday. The time hasn’t changed yet. I wish it wouldn’t but it’s inevitable. That would be a good reason for moving to Indiana or Hawaii. They are the only sane states in the Union. If you want to cast your vote either way, go to End Daylight Saving Time. Oh, NO! When I googled to find that, I brought up the news that Indiana is observing Daylight Saving Time for the first time in more than 30 years! Traitor! Now, the only holdouts are Hawaii and parts of Arizona!

On that sad note, I will bid you good morning.

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