I am up much too late. I’ll make this short.

Just about as soon as I got up this morning, I measured. I was down 1.5″ but none of that was off my waist. I was also up a pound from yesterday but I haven’t changed my ticker yet. I did all of my exercises (for a change).

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. It was late when I ate so after awhile, I had some tomatoes. Then I had a couple of oranges. My supper smoothie was bananas and romaine. I’d marinated some celery and cucumber in lemon juice and water and I had a little of that but not enough to count. Then I had the rest of the pineapple. I didn’t have time for another smoothie before it got too late. That’s okay. I’ll live. Today is the last day of the Green Cleanse!

My daughter and I had a short visit today. It lasted just over half an hour. Neither one of us had any earth-shaking news. She was talking about waiting another week to put their tomato plants out. I think they should wait longer than that. The temp here now is 26 and it was down to 20 this morning. I would think it’s colder in NYC. Or at least as cold.

I spent ‘way too long today trying to figure out how to put my Event ticker at the top of the template so it would stay there as part of the header. It finally hit me what I could do! As you can see, nine months and two days have elapsed since June 24, 2005.

I’ve got to get to bed. It will be well over an hour past my bedtime when I get my ablutions done.

Later, y’all!

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