This morning was vision exercise and nothing else. Breakfast was an OJ/strawberry/mixed baby greens smoothie. It measured a quart. I didn’t have time to eat anything else. I took some grapes to work and munched on them at my desk.

I stopped by the roadside market and picked up a box of tomatoes. They were a little beyond ripe but still good. There were eight that I picked out that I wouldn’t sell because of blemishes and overripe places. I ate two and brought the rest home.

Break was an orange and a kiwi. Lunch was about five cups of smoothie–banana, peach, and the rest of the bag of mixed baby greens (organic, by the way) and three Campari tomatoes.

I started feeling a little lightheaded today but attributed that to not having my usual large breakfast. I also had somewhat of a headache but I’d done my vision exercises and I can get a little one from eyestrain.

When I got home, I got on the forum at HowToGoRaw and my Green Cleanse buddy had said that she was feeling very tired. Awhile later, an e-mail came from Frederic saying that detox should have begun today and described the symptoms. They were everything that we are experiencing and could be more. So…I’m detoxing.

I blended up a huge smoothie of bananas, papaya, blueberries, and kale and managed to drink maybe a cup full. The rest went on the compost pile. It was awful. Then I made a safer one of bananas and spinach and drank the whole thing.

I still wasn’t feeling good so I did something I’ve been in the habit of doing when I need to unwind and recoup. I retreated to the bathroom where I ran a tub full of comfortably warm water and immersed myself for more than 30 minutes. When I got out, I can’t say I felt rejuvenated but I felt a whole lot better.

The day’s consumption was within one cup of having a gallon of green smoothies so I blended up a little more than that much of Swamp Soup and enjoyed it. It’s very tasty. I’m feeling somewhat human again and it’s getting close to my bedtime.

That said, I’m going to put Twinkle in “her” bathroom and get some rest.

Just one more thing–I’m not thinking very well tonight so I ran spellcheck on this. It suggested “deaths” for “detox”. Aye law, as my mother would have said.

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