I almost got to bed on time last night. I’m going to make an extra effort to tonight, for sure.

I woke up a little before 5 but I stayed in bed for another hour because I could. When I got up, I didn’t exercise because this is my Day of Rest.

Breakfast was two smoothies–OJ & strawberry and banana, blueberry, and spinach.

There was a guest speaker at church today and he made some remarks that made me wonder but I’m not the one to judge. He was talking about people who are trying to eat right to get to heaven and I don’t think that’s true. I’m eating right so I’ll be in the best health I can be. I don’t want to have to depend on doctors and hospitals to keep me alive. He is rather overweight and I’ll have to admit that I sat there and thought, “Cooked food. Cooked food.”

Between Sabbath School and church, I’d seen some visitors and greeted them. Turns out that the father goes to the same church that my son, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters attend. I stopped him on the way out to see if he’s acquainted with my son but it’s a large church and, though he thought he recognized the name, he wasn’t sure. His son and I got into a conversation that lasted for quite some time and I think we learned a lot about each other. I told him that he and his father should go to the guest meal but he said that he doesn’t eat that kind of food. I ended up telling him that I’m a raw foodist. I don’t know if he thought that was funny or weird or both. Anyway, he ended up trouncing me for using Braggs Liquid Aminos occasionally and that reminded me of Roger. I know it isn’t good for me but it has a savory taste and I want that now and then. He did say that I look like I’m in good shape. I was lucky he wasn’t wearing x-ray glasses because clothes cover up a lot of imperfections. After we debated for awhile, I left and came home.

Speaking of clothes, I wore a dress I hadn’t had on for, probably, five or six years. It was a little snug across the chest but I covered up with a loose shirt and no one was the wiser.

When I got home, I had two kiwi and a pear. It was a D’anjou. The Bosc pears aren’t ready yet. That’s okay since I’ll need them for the Green Cleanse (according to the Green for Life program). Since I’d been soaking raisins for a couple of days, I figured that I should have some “oatmeal”. No harm in having breakfast for lunch.

I put on my “little as the law allows” clothes and went out and sunned for half an hour. It was on the cool side–59 when I came in–but I made it the whole time. The aforementioned man had told me that I should walk while I’m sunning but there isn’t a good place to walk here. There are dogs up and down the road so I’ll pass on walking. He also took issue with the fact that I exercise five days a week. Sheesh! That’s a lot better than when I wasn’t exercising at all!

After I came in, I had a bowl of tomatoes with a sprinkle of sea salt. While I’m doing the cleanse, I’ll be off salt and overt + free fats so I had a salad with both avocado and EVOO. Hopefully, Roger won’t read this. He’d say, “Why should I care? You are doing it to yourself, not me.” It does make me feel bad that I’m disregarding his advice.

I was thinking today (a dangerous thing for me to do) and it occurred to me that I don’t have the problem with not being satisfied after I finish a meal. It used to be that I would eat a large meal and still want “something”. I would eat several “somethings” to try to find that special thing that would make me feel like I didn’t want anything else. It was a vicious cycle. I would eat until I was stuffed and then I would gain more weight. Now, I can eat fruit but I don’t want to overeat. I can eat salad but when I’m through, I don’t want to go and get something else. It’s so nice!

I’m printing off the instructions for the Green Cleanse. I was supposed to do that earlier but I can’t go back and change history. I think I’ll fill it out and then go to bed.

Good night, all!

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  1. Cindy March 19, 2006 at 11:34 am #

    Isn’t it irritating when you hear pastors/spiritual leaders who are really overweight talk about how we should be taking care of our bodies? I just wrote about it in my blog this weekend too!

    BTW, I think you are interesting! 🙂 The Princess Bride is also one of my favorite movies!

  2. Tommie March 19, 2006 at 11:57 am #

    This one wasn’t terribly overweight but he definitely is overweight, compared to a raw vegan man. That’s quite a coincidence that we both wrote about it!

    Thanks for the compliment! I have to watch The Princess Bride every now and then just to get my head on straight.

    I looked up your blog. There are some more similarities. My daughter-in-law is home-schooling my 10 year old granddaughter. She is very sharp young lady and I’m not saying that just because she’s mine. 🙂

    Another one is that my other daughter-in-law recently had a miscarriage. I was so sorry to read about yours but it looks like you are handling it well. I believe that the body has its own way of taking care of itself and something that “isn’t quite right.” You are smart not to introduce more man-made trauma with a D&C, too. Less is more but most people don’t realize that.

    All blessings to you and your family!

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