It’s past my bedtime so I won’t take too long to update.

I got up and measured this morning and found that I’ve gained a fraction of an inch. I don’t remember whether it was 1/4″ or 1/2″. After I discovered that, I exercised and did all of my routines.

Breakfast was OJ, two kiwi, and a banana/peach/spinach smoothie. I got an e-mail from the person that distributes the co-op orders saying that she won’t be able to get them out tomorrow because she’s fighting a bug. I have enough spinach for one more smoothie so I hope the local supermarket has finally gotten some in.

After my sunning for 25 minutes and the over-an-hour conversation with my daughter, I fixed a banana/blueberry smoothie.

Later on, I had some “chili” and then a large salad of romaine, cucumber, avocado, tomato, and the rest of the marinated veggies from yesterday.

I think that about does it for the day’s happenings.

Good night!

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