It just occurred to me that I should have taken some pictures but I didn’t and I won’t tonight.

I woke at my usual time this morning. I’d planned to sleep in a little since I don’t exercise on Sabbath and I don’t have to be at the church until an hour later than I have to be at work. I was wide awake, though. I lay in bed for about half an hour because I could.

Breakfast was OJ, half a mango, and a smoothie of peaches, bananas, and blueberries.

Church was good, as usual. The pastor involves the kids in the service. He’s smart. That keeps the attention of everyone. The parents are watching the kids. The kids are watching the kids. And everyone has to listen to see what’s going to happen next. Today, he had them come up, one at a time, and draw illustrations to go with the points in his sermon. He ended up drawing the last one himself, and he’s quite a talented cartoonist.

One of my friends was a little upset that I wasn’t going to stay for the guest meal after church. I told her about my lentil episode so she didn’t push it. I know I should take stuff so I could stay and enjoy the fellowship but I don’t usually have time to fix anything. Guess I could fast but that’s no fun, either.

When I got home, I had the rest of the mango. Then I made some “chili” and it was the best so far. After that, I made a truly huge salad of Boston, romaine, spring mix, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and dressed it with lime juice, EVOO, sea salt, onion powder, and agave nectar all mixed up together. It was really good! I had forgotten about the spring mix. I’d gotten a big bag of it from the co-op. I’ll have to remember to add it to my salads so it won’t go to waste.

I was counting my tomatoes tonight and I’m down to six. I’ll have to call and see if I can get another box soon.

It’s still half an hour until my bedtime but I think I’ll turn in early. I watched “Love Comes Softly” and it was tremendous. I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob. I’d started an episode of Monk last week so I finished it up tonight, too.

I’m recording The Food Revolution on Link TV. It will be broadcast in two parts and is scheduled at several different times. You can go to the web site to find the dates and times. Channels are given on the blog for Dish Network and DirectTV. I don’t know if it’s going to be on any other services or not. I’ve seen previews for “The Future of Food” and “My Father’s Garden”. “Garden” was chilling in its cheerfulness. I would like to see the full-length film of “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” but the version on Link is 30 minutes. “Life Running out of Control” is from Germany. Scientists messing with our food is a world-wide problem. I found out about this from the blog my SIL maintains on Sustainable Table.

Better get to bed! Good night!

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  1. Anonymous February 28, 2006 at 10:10 pm #

    Is “Love Comes Softly” based on a book series? Are you jewish? I noticed your church service is on saturday……..

  2. Tommie March 1, 2006 at 5:31 am #

    Yes, it’s based on the first in the series by Janette Oke. A friend at work has “Love’s Enduring Promise” that she’s going to let me borrow. The DVD, not the book. 🙂 I read the books years ago.

    No, I’m a Seventh-day Adventist.

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