35 Weeks aka Eight Months
with only one cooked meal

and that was the best and worst thing I could have done. The best because it has convinced me I shouldn’t make it a habit and the worst because it made me feel so bad for so long.

I got up in time to exercise except for the NT and HR. Breakfast was OJ, half a mango, and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and spinach. Break was a large orange and some kumquats. Lunch was bananas and a pear. When I got home, I did my time on the NT and HR and then I had the rest of the mango, “chili”, and a large salad like last night except without the hemp seed but with avocado. It was insanely good! I think I may have overdone it with olive oil but I’m allowed once in awhile.

There’s something I found out yesterday that I haven’t shared. My slacks are so loose that I can take them off and put them on without unfastening them! I came home and tried the other pair and it’s the same with them. It doesn’t take much to amuse me. I wore my size 12 Levis to work today and they aren’t quite big enough though they are feeling looser all the time. Much more EVOO, though, and they won’t be.

I want to get to bed early tonight so I think I will say good night and have a Happy Sabbath!

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