I got up fairly early this morning and measured. I found that I’ve lost another 1 1/2 inches total in my waist, lower abs, and hips. That’s in one week! I did my exercises which included BodyFlex, Lightning Speed Exercises, a series of exercises I do to keep my back and neck aligned, and the NT & HR. I think the LSE’s have had the most to do with my hips and thighs. At first, when I was losing weight, I had a lot of cellulite but it is slowly disappearing and my hips are getting firmer. I can do them at work, too, since they don’t take any special equipment. When I go to the employee bathroom in the back, I do a set unless someone beats on the door. I’ve decided to spread the good news about them so I’ve put a link at the right above my fitday link.

I was still having some cravings today so, after talking to my daughter at length and communicating with Roger, I finally decided to “cheat” and have some lentils. For good measure, I threw in a small Yukon Gold potato. I didn’t cheat with just any old lentils, either, but with $5 a pound Spanish Brown Lentils that I’d bought to sprout and hadn’t ever gotten it done. Up until then, which was late this evening, all I’d had was OJ and lots of it. I’d had water, too, but more OJ than water.

That’s about it for today. I have brushed my teeth and am hoping I don’t throw up. My stomach doesn’t feel so good right now.

Good night!

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