I’ve done it again. I had every intention of doing this earlier but the time slipped right on by and here I am, having to hurry so I can get to bed.

I did my vision therapy this morning (today is Wednesday and that means eye exercises). I didn’t exercise anything else except for power walking at work.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/peach smoothie. Break was an orange. Lunch was bananas and tomatoes. I have sold all but a few of the $96 worth of tomatoes that I bought yesterday. I’m not making anything on them. I may even be losing a few cents but I’ll have the satisfaction that people are eating better than they would otherwise.

When I got home, I had OJ, then some tomatoes. After that, I blended up peaches, kale, agave nectar, and water. It wasn’t delicious but I drank it because it is good for me. That’s what the preacher said about his oatmeal. He eats it because it’s good for him. That’s a matter of opinion but I know the peaches and kale are good for me. They have live vitamins and lots of minerals and protein and a little fat. The oatmeal has fiber and little nutrition otherwise. What it used to have has been processed and cooked out of it.

I still haven’t gotten around to posting my food on fitday. I’ll try to get that done tomorrow and then keep it up after that.

Better get ready for bed! Good night!

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