Yesterday was a busy day. The day of my nephew’s daughter’s wedding. I wouldn’t have been able to go to church and the wedding, too, so I opted for the wedding.


When I got up, it was to the sight of snow on the ground. And on the trees. And the power lines. It was a heavy wet snow but it didn’t break anything that I’m aware of except for a pine branch in someone else’s yard. That was the only thing I saw that didn’t make it.

I’ll back up now. I didn’t exercise because Sabbath is one day that I intentionally take a break from that. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. I might mention here that I don’t drink the OJ and immediately have the smoothie. I wait so the OJ can get out of my stomach first since it’s acid and the banana is sweet. Even though I can tolerate such a combination, it isn’t optimal so I usually avoid it.

When I got to my niece’s house, I had some bananas and dates to tide me over until I could eat something else. My sister was telling me that she had polished her shoes with the inside of a banana peel. I guess there are lots of uses for bananas, though I wouldn’t want to do that in the summer. Or where I’d be around monkeys.

We got to the wedding about five minutes before it was to start so there was little time to greet my sister (another sister–the grandmother of the bride), etc. The church is fairly new and everything, even the reception, was held in the church since their other building isn’t completed yet. The colors were beautiful–off white and sage green. I had thought that the colors would be more in keeping with Valentine’s Day so it was a nice switch. The bride was very pretty in her white gown trimmed with sage green. She had a sash that tied and the ends trailed behind her like a train. The groom was tall and dressed in a tuxedo with a sage green tie. The bridesmaid was in sage green and the best man was coordinated, too. There was a ringbearer and a flower girl. The last wore an off white lace dress and was precious. The ringbearer was dressed like the men. My nephew was resplendent in a tux with a sage green vest and tie. His wife wore a long black velvet dress with a train-like insert in the back. The front was very plain so it made the detail in the back more outstanding. My sister was beautiful in a light rose suit. The other grandmother was dressed in just about the same color but the style was different. All the males of the wedding party (including my brother-in-law) wore lilies in their lapels. The bride’s sister kept the book and also served the punch at the reception. She wore a dark blue gown.

The wedding was videoed and there was a friend who was taking still pictures. At one point, she was prowling around behind the wedding party and colided with a fig tree. I wondered if something would happen that would make it fodder for America’s Funniest Home Videos but it didn’t.

After the ceremony, I visited with my newphew who had flown in from Denver for the occasion. My sister motioned me to come into the church so I went and then she walked off. I didn’t know what she wanted so I went back where I’d been standing. It turned out that she wanted me to get in line with her for the refreshments so by the time I got back in line, it was pretty long.

My granddaughter and my niece’s daughter had been asked by the bride to help serve but the grownups who were doing it said they weren’t needed. I felt bad for them because they had taken extra care getting ready and they both were beautiful. They didn’t seem to mind. As a matter of fact, they seemed relieved because they didn’t know what to do.

I got a plate of fresh fruit and ended up throwing everything but the pineapple away. Everything else had been heavily doused with some kind of preservative. Since I’ve been eating plain food with little to nothing added for so long, stuff like that tastes bad and burns my mouth. I went back and got some celery and munched on it. I was glad that I’d already eaten.

The rest of the food that was available was the bride’s cake, the groom’s cake, heart shaped candies, punch, cheese, dip, and I’ve probably missed some. The fruit was pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

We stayed and visited and saw the bride throw her bouquet and the groom the garter. I rode back to my niece’s with my son, DIL, and granddaughter where I went in for a few minutes and then continued on to my son’s place.

When we got in the house, they introduced me to their piano. They hadn’t had that the last time I was here. I sat down and played it and it’s a very nice piano with good tone and touch. My granddaughter played several hymns and she is doing very well and progressing quickly.

I got out the citrus juicer and made me a big glass of OJ and it really tasted good after not having much to eat. Then I had some chunked up tomatoes. I’d made some “Un-Meatloaf” but I’d modified the recipe quite a bit. I’d also fixed enough broccoli cauliflower slaw to share but my son said he doesn’t tolerate raw broccoli well so I didn’t mention it. It only had the flowers and the very tops of the stalks so it isn’t really fibrous but he has a touchy stomach, anyway, and I didn’t want to be the source of the upset. I had some of the loaf and slaw and that was it for the day.

My son’s co-worker called and said it was snowing. My granddaughter went outside and made snowballs and had a good time. She’d made one really big one that survived the melting during the night.

We stayed up very late (for me) watching some Carol Burnett DVDs I brought and laughed ourselves silly. I went to sleep during the last one. I guess it was after 11 when I finally went to sleep and stayed that way.

I woke when my son got up to go to work but I went back to sleep. The couch is very comfortable and I slept well.

My DIL and granddaughter slept in until almost noon. While they were snoozing, I had a large glass of OJ, some tomatoes, and a banana/spinach smoothie. The smoothie was surprisingly good. I’d never had just banana and spinach. I’ve always added some other kind of fruit.

Guess this will be it for the update (and isn’t that a mercy!) until I get home.

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