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I’m getting close to being up too late. I’m going to make this short and sweet. I got up and did all of my exercises–BodyFlex, Lightning Speed, my hodge-podge of back exercises, NT & HR. Breakfast was OJ, half a mango (I meant to eat the other half this afternoon and forgot it), and a […]

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I managed to sleep in for a little while this morning. When I got up, I measured first thing. I’ve lost just 3/4″ this week but it’s that much more gone. I did all my exercises, too. I took some pictures before I had my breakfast. I’ll try to get them on here soon. Breakfast […]

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It just occurred to me that I should have taken some pictures but I didn’t and I won’t tonight. I woke at my usual time this morning. I’d planned to sleep in a little since I don’t exercise on Sabbath and I don’t have to be at the church until an hour later than I […]

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35 Weeks aka Eight Months with only one cooked meal and that was the best and worst thing I could have done. The best because it has convinced me I shouldn’t make it a habit and the worst because it made me feel so bad for so long. I got up in time to exercise […]

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It’s past my bedtime so I’ll have to make this brief. It was a little late when I got up this morning so I left off the NT and HR but did all the rest of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ, a mango, and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and spinach. This spinach isn’t as […]

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I feel surprisingly good which I didn’t expect since I woke in the night and didn’t go back to sleep for a L O N G time. I do need to get to bed on time so I’ll keep feeling good. I did my vision therapy when I got up this morning. Breakfast was OJ […]

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I just got a glimpse of TOM SELLECK when I was turning off the TV. I’d had the Olympics on for the first time tonight but he was on a different channel. I don’t have time to watch him. I’m getting to bed late tonight as it is. Today went better than yesterday. I felt […]

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I’ve been somewhat dragging today. I’m sitting here yawning now and it isn’t even 9 o’clock yet. I ate the food I took to work. Work was pretty rough today, too. There were two problems that came up that took most of my time. I didn’t get the first record audited and Monday is usually […]

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I have the last pan of water on the stove so I thought I’d update a little while I’m waiting for it to boil. I’d gotten a lot of the ice off the steps last night but it froze back and I’m using the boiling water to melt it off. At least its not freezing […]

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I got up fairly early this morning and measured. I found that I’ve lost another 1 1/2 inches total in my waist, lower abs, and hips. That’s in one week! I did my exercises which included BodyFlex, Lightning Speed Exercises, a series of exercises I do to keep my back and neck aligned, and the […]

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