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30 weeks today! That’s 210 days! I wanted to be in bed by now but “the best laid plans…” I got up late this morning. I think the stress last night plus the cashews had something to do with it. I was in a hurry to get the bulletin done and found later (when I […]

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I’m tempted to go on to bed but the bulletin isn’t finished. I don’t like to wait until Friday to print it off because that doesn’t give me enough time to proof it thoroughly. I feel that the bulletin, along with a lot of other things, is representative of the church and I want it […]

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It’s past my bedtime so I’m going to make this brief. That’s supposed to be better, anyway, isn’t it? I got up and did my vision therapy this morning. I didn’t have time to exercise. Look at my weight chart! I’m actually in the healthy weight range! That’s exciting! Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach […]

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I want to get a few of the pictures on here tonight if nothing else. It was a little after the alarm went off that I got up this morning but I still had plenty of time to exercise. I was going to go back to yesterday but nothing of much consequence happened so I’ll […]

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I got up and measured and found that I’ve lost another 2.25″ this week overall. Wish that was in my waist but it just keeps hanging around. I lost absolutely nothing in my waist. Guess that’s better than gaining, though. Ingredients Breakfast was a OJ/strawberry/spinach smoothie. It was the last of the strawberries. They were […]

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There was no exercising today–and very little snow. A disappointment but not surprising. Breakfast was a small glass of OJ, two large bananas, and half a cucumber. As usual, I backed off on the fluids so I wouldn’t have to keep dashing to the bathroom. I made it to Sabbath School on time and played […]

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29 weeks today! Wow! I may be in for the duration. It’s supposed to snow tonight but I’ll be surprised if it does. We haven’t had a decent snow for years, literally. The Blizzard of ’93 was the last one that was significant. That’s been 13 years. Almost. Of course, it happened in March so […]

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The bulletin is done and printed off and I’m to play the organ for church. I’m back where I was this time two years ago. Except… I exercised and didn’t eat breakfast before I left the house. I was supposed to fast so the x-ray supervisor could try out the new ultrasound on my gallbladder. […]

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I think I may get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. I got up and did my vision therapy AND exercised this morning. Breakfast was a smoothie of oranges, strawberries, and spinach. It tasted good but it was quite thick and chewy. I think I prefer the juice to the whole oranges. Later, after […]

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