I never did get around to taking any pictures.

I never did get around to taking any pictures. I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

I got up before 6 this morning after getting to bed on time last night. It wasn’t my plan to exercise. I didn’t have to play the organ today but I needed to be on time anyway so I could take over in an emergency.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

The pastor had welcome news today. He and his family are staying. A miracle happened and he will have another church 55 miles away. In Nebraska, churches can be as far apart as 80 miles so that isn’t bad at all. Even though all the church members had contacted the conference asking the Powers That Be to work it out so he could still be our pastor, they had said that there was no way. The Lord had different plans. The pastor of the aforementioned church is retiring and will stay on at the other church in that district as a stipend pastor. That left the remaining church by itself as we are. Monday, our pastor got a call that the PTB had decided to put us together and form a district. And the rest is history–but not quite. We have a pastor! Praise the Lord!

When I got home, I did my five minutes each on the HR and NT. Then I ate a kiwi and fixed an OJ/strawberry/kale smoothie. I hadn’t finished it yet when someone very near and dear to me called and left a message that she wants recipes because her husband wants them to try eating raw. He told her that it couldn’t hurt and it might help. I called her back and we talked for a little more than half an hour. Neither one of them is well. They’ve been drinking smoothies for a few days in the hope that they will get stronger. She’s been making hers green smoothies (they aren’t necessarily green but they have greens in them)(I may have explained that before) but she hasn’t introduced him to them yet. I sent her some recipes for green smoothies but they don’t need a lot of heavy stuff right now and that’s mostly what the other recipes are. So, miracles abound.

Shades of Mother came back today. I was told that a lady I’ve known for years had a stroke last week and died. Her funeral is tomorrow. My first thought was, “I’ll have to tell Mother. She’ll want to know.” I plan to go to the funeral. Her daughter is a friend of mine and I’d send her an e-mail but her mailbox is always full and nothing ever gets through. Guess that’s one way to keep from getting spam.

After I finished my smoothie, I had a persimmon. It was my last one. Then I had three bananas.

I gave that lots of time to digest (ripe fruit can digest in as little as 20 minutes but they weren’t terriby ripe) and made a salad. I made some cashew “mayo” to dress it with. It was too rich and I ended up tossing the last of the salad. The ingredients were romaine, tomato, and cucumber. The “mayo” was cashews, lemon, sea salt, and water. I had gotten some organic grapefruit from the co-op so I juiced one and it was terrible! I have never had a pink grapefruit that was that sour. It about turned me wrong-side out.


[Note: The URL on this card is not current. 🙂 ]

I made some business cards since people ask me about my diet so much. I put my name and e-mail address on the ones I hand out, too. I thought it turned out well. It doesn’t have the dashed line on it. I couldn’t save it as a jpeg and that was the guide on the program. I did a print screen and then cropped and resized it.

Whenever I eat nuts, I invaribly get sleepy. I’m going to go to bed earlier than usual tonight for that reason. Good night!

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