31 weeks raw uncooked unheated!

I’m headed for bed soon but I needed to catch up on yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I got up and exercised. Breakfast was an OJ/spinach smoothie and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I had cucumber for my snack because I’d failed to take an orange to work with me. I had to get my car serviced so I left at what is normally my lunch time.

I sat in the waiting area at the dealership and ate my bananas, cucumber, and celery. The man came in with my paperwork and I thought, “That didn’t take long.” Turns out he was going to give me the bad news that my brake pads needed replacing. Guess it wasn’t really BAD because I’ll have had the car six years in May and this is the first time they’ve been replaced. He also said that my battery is marginal. If it gets down to 9 degrees or extremely hot, it may not have enough juice to crank the car. Since we are, so far, having a very mild winter and it’s not likely the weather will turn extremely hot–especially in the early morning–I told him to go ahead with the brakes but I’d wait on the battery. I had to plastic it. I’d gone prepared for the routine maintenance but nothing else.

When I left, I failed to pick up my lunch bag. It’s a Russell Stover bag that says, “I love chocolate”. I used to but I don’t eat it any more. There’s lots of “raw” chocolate out there but some say there is no such thing as really raw chocolate. In any case, it contains a lot of harmful substances and anything it has that’s beneficial, I can get elsewhere so I leave it alone. If I’m going to be as good as I can be at eating raw, I might as well go all the way. Anyway, I called the dealership when I got home and they are going to keep my bag for me.

After I got in the door, I fixed myself some OJ. It was so good I fixed myself some more and had that instead of supper. I ended up drinking a quart.

The teleseminar was really inspirational last night. It was supposed to end at 10. I took the phone to bed with me at 9:55–I’d already gotten ready for bed and put food out for Twinkle before it started. It lasted until almost 11. I’d dozed once or twice but I snapped wide awake when Frederic said that he had Roger on the line to help answer questions. He answered one or two and then his line went dead.

There was one testimony that really made an impression on me. It was from a gentleman in Australia. His wife has Alzheimer’s and is about my age. She has asthma plus several other ailments I don’t remember. He’d started on raw food because of a fatty liver and that has resolved itself. When he started her on raw, eighteen months ago, her body age was 87. Within seven months, it was 54. He said she doesn’t use her “puffer” much any more, that it’s like a security blanket. At first, she’d say a word once in awhile, but she will say complete sentences now and can carry on a simple conversation.

Now on to today. It was up and attem even though I’d gotten to sleep past time. Gone are the days of dragging out of bed in the morning. I exercised. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. Break was a large organic orange–tree-ripened. Lunch was bananas, cucumber, and celery. That’s beginning to get old but it’s hard to find a huge variety in the winter.

It was 50’s Day today and we could dress down. I wore my size 12 blue jeans rolled up, bobby socks, and a shirt with the collar turned up. One of the girls in my office had an outfit her mother had saved from years ago. It was a poodle skirt, a cinch belt with a poodle on the buckle, a poodle pin, and earrings made in the shape of records with music notes on them. She had a scarf around her head and she was really cute. She’s about as big as a minute, anyway, and everything fit.

When I got home, I had OJ, then fixed myself a large salad of romaine, tomato, avocado, and lemon juice. I know I got some limes the other day but I’m beginning to think I imagined it.

The clock just struck 9:45 so I need to start thinking about bed. I didn’t do my housecleaning tonight. It’s Sabbath and time to rest.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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  1. Amber January 28, 2006 at 1:11 am #


    I just wanted to say that I am inspired by your blog. You are so rawsome! I’m so proud of you, keep up the raw-ness!

  2. Tommie January 28, 2006 at 6:36 am #

    Thanks! I’m glad it’s helping you. That’s one big reason I do it, plus it helps me to verbalize, too. Don’t worry. I have no intention of eating any other way. I’ve never felt so good in all my life and I don’t want that to end.

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