30 weeks today!

That’s 210 days!

I wanted to be in bed by now but “the best laid plans…”

I got up late this morning. I think the stress last night plus the cashews had something to do with it. I was in a hurry to get the bulletin done and found later (when I was where I couldn’t do it over) that, instead of “I Sing the Mighty Power of God”, I’d put “I Sing the Might Power of God.” I made a copy of it and cut a “y” out of something else and licked it and stuck it on. It worked. It looks a little strange but there’s no shadow around the “y” on the copies. It might not be noticed on a galloping horse.

I did have time to BodyFlex but that was all.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. Break was an orange and I ate that one all by myself. Lunch was bananas, cucumber, and celery. I didn’t even think to take some dates. I think I’m about “up” on them, as my mother would say.

When I went to the bank, I wrote a check to “Cash” and was going to go do just that so I could buy some produce at the stand in town. Turns out that they weren’t out selling today so I promptly forgot about it and left it on the seat. When I got off work, I decided I would go to the bank and cash it then. I went the back way and turned in at the store instead. I got my fresh stuff and went back to the car. When I reached for the check, it wasn’t there. I looked all over for it and even took everything out of the two side pockets of my purse but nothing. I drove back to the hospital and looked where I’d been parking but, except for dirt and engine oil, there was nothing there, either. I’d been praying all the while and felt I should go around to the passenger side of the car. When I did, there it was between the seat and the door. I thanked the Lord and took it and cashed it. I could just see someone taking that and gutting my bank account. It was $50, which isn’t a huge sum, but the check had my account number, bank routing number and my signature–twice.

From there, I went to the church and turned up the heat then folded the bulletins. I didn’t practice any because I didn’t have my trouser socks on and my feet stick to the pedals without something between them and my skin. I did get the organ set up.

I got home a little after 6 and proceeded to ingest food. I had OJ and then I hove to and made me a salad. I haven’t been eating them lately. I think I’ve been “up” on them, too. I used romaine, parsley, yellow sweet pepper, and cucumber. The dressing was a blended tomato with cashew “cheese” and I’m sleepy. It makes a real difference in my energy level when I eat nuts. It goes down quite a bit. I never noticed that when I was eating cooked. Of course, when I felt good then, I didn’t really feel good. I thought I did because I’d feel better than usual but that’s nothing compared to now.

Think I’ll go brush my teeth and go to bed. I have a lamb medallion thawing for Twinkle. She finally finished her venison a little while ago. The lamb should keep her until morning.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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