I want to get a few of the pictures on here tonight if nothing else.

It was a little after the alarm went off that I got up this morning but I still had plenty of time to exercise.

I was going to go back to yesterday but nothing of much consequence happened so I’ll let the interested ones go look at my fitday account if it’s important to know what I had to eat.

This morning, breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. I sure wish I could get some more strawberries!

Oh, there’s one thing that happened yesterday that I’ll let you in on. I decided that I would have yellow sweet pepper with my lunch of bananas, dates, and cucumber. BAD IDEA. The combination was evidently a bad one because my nose ran, as my mother would say, like a “sugar tree” the rest of the afternoon. I won’t do that again.

At break time today, I had two Clementines. Lunch was bananas, dates, cucumber, and some Campari tomatoes. I’ve had that combination before and it was okay.

When I got home, I had some OJ from California oranges I got at Save A Lot. It wasn’t as good as the OJ from the Florida oranges. Later, I had a smoothie of tomatoes, celery, cucumber, and a little yellow sweet pepper with some curry powder and cumin. It was decent. I also had maybe 1/4 an avocado.

I have officially broken 140 lubs. Hurrah for our side! I always wait for a few days to see if it’s going to hold before I’ll let myself believe it.

And now to post some pictures. You’ll have to go back to see them on the days I took them. None of them will go farther back than last month so check out the December archives. They’re of food and there’s one of Mother’s stone.

Good night!

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