There was no exercising today–and very little snow. A disappointment but not surprising.

Breakfast was a small glass of OJ, two large bananas, and half a cucumber. As usual, I backed off on the fluids so I wouldn’t have to keep dashing to the bathroom.

I made it to Sabbath School on time and played the organ as planned. The pastor had an unwelcome surprise for us. Seems he and his family have received a call to go to Oregon and they are considering it. However, since they have expressed an interest in staying in the South (even though their relatives live in the Northwest), the local conference is going to see what can be done for us to be able to keep them. One of my projects tomorrow will be e-mailing and writing letters to the decision makers. They told the Powers That Be that they will stay in this conference if the district includes our church. He gives God all the glory for the growth of our church and the spirit that exists there but I believe that God used him to accomplish it.

Lunch was a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie and a persimmon. Later, I had some OJ, and a salad of tomatoes, cucumber, and yellow sweet pepper. Awhile after that, I had zucchini “pasta” with cashew “cheese” and some marinated mushrooms. I like the turnip “pasta” better but the zucchini was okay.

I’ve been watching ice-skating off and on but I think I’ll go on to bed soon. It’s just not the same without Michelle.

I’m going to work on getting some pictures on here tomorrow. I think I’ll put them on the days they belong on so it won’t be such a lot on one page.

Good night!

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