It’s been a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I braved the 52 degree temperature to get some sun. I put on a tank top and got where the slight wind didn’t hit me too much. I managed 10 minutes before I came back in. About 5 this morning (according to my digital thermometer–I wasn’t up) it was 23.5. The high was 56 so it’s been all over the place today.

Before I exercised my body and did some light circles for my eyes while I was outside, I measured. I lost 1.5″ in the past week.

Breakfast was OJ, a white sapote, and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, the last Harry & David pear, and a large handful of spinach. I finished up with some dates.

Lunch was bananas and celery.

After my daughter and I had our short visit (she called late this afternoon) I had some OJ, then a bowl of tomatoes. Awhile later, I had spinach with ground celery seed and lemon juice, marinated mushrooms (both button and portabella), and some cashew “cheese”. That was really quite decent. I had put the spinach on a plate with the seed and juice, tightly wrapped it with Glad wrap, and put it on the dehydrator for several hours. It made a nice change.

Twinkle, my cat, ate a chicken/turkey medallion by itself tonight! That is a real change for her. From a quarter teaspoon mixed with a can of cat food to this is progress!

Tomorrow it’s back to work so I’d better head for bed.

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