I lived through the inservice today and got out early enough to go to the funeral. More on that later.

I didn’t exercise this morning since I thought I needed to go in a half hour early. Breakfast was a small glass of OJ, a huge kiwi, and two bananas. Break was dates. Lunch was a banana, an apple, and dates. The break that came at lunchtime was a persimmon.

The funeral was sad. I got there early enough to hug the mother and talk to her a little, then view the body. I wouldn’t have known the woman. For one thing, I never saw her wear pink lipstick. It was always some vibrant red or almost brown. Her face and neck were swollen and her head was at an odd angle. I had so hoped that nothing would be found with the usual testing but there was a report on the news this evening that alcohol and speed were contributing factors in the accident and she was the driver. There was one passenger, a male, and he survived with minor injuries. She wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. She was 29.

I came on home from the funeral. I had some more OJ, the last of my really ripe tomatoes, and a persimmon. Some time later, I had some celery and half an avocado.

My package of mixed fruit came and the dragon fruit doesn’t look particularly dragonish. It’s green. I have e-mailed to see if it should turn a different color before I eat it.

It’s time to sign off and go to bed.

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  1. Tommie June 30, 2009 at 6:41 am #

    Just did check yours out and it looks interesting for someone who lives there! Again, I reiterate—I am a woman!


  1. Sammy Sullivan - June 30, 2009

    check mine out……

    keep up the good work man…….

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