The first day of the year is gone and I talked to two of my children. The third one had to work, I’m sure. He had Christmas off but that’s more special than New Year’s. I did have an e-mail from my older granddaughter which was nice. She is getting to be quite the young lady.

Today is my second son’s 39th birthday. He’s into terrorizing the fish (I don’t know that he’s ever caught one) so I got him a gift certificate for Bass Pro Shop. He was thrilled and said it was the best thing I ever gave him. Oh, well.

I exercised this morning after getting up past 8:30. Breakfast was OJ, a fuyu, and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, a pear, and some kale. This is the first day of the 31 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I’m to drink at least a quart of smoothie a day that has a good-sized portion of greens in it.

My dates were in the fridge, untried, so I had a couple of Amir Hajj, a Waxies, an Empress, and a Deglet Noor. They were all delicious. The Waxies was the most unusual. It tasted kind of fig-like.

I was wanting something crunchy so I broke out the celery. After it had time to digest, I had a mango and then a banana smoothie.

Some time later, I had some OJ with pomegranate juice. Then I had some tomatoes. I’d fixed some turnip pasta earlier but I was getting low on lemons (I just had one) so I didn’t soak it the way I usually do. I soaked it in salt water and it didn’t do as well. I had it this evening with cashew “cheese”. I think I’ll try something else tomorrow.

It’s time to hit the hay!

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