Happy New Year!!

I’m not even going to try to make it to 2006–awake, that is.

It was after 7 when I got up this morning and I was in bed before 9 p.m. last night. I got a good solid 10 hours of sleep. I probably won’t tonight but it was nice to sleep until my mind changed.

There was no exercise on the agenda for the last day of 2005. Breakfast was OJ, a banana/blueberry/pear/Boston lettuce smoothie, and a white sapote, the last of the box. I had to throw a couple or three away that got past eating. I didn’t take any dates with me. It was a trial run of how church will be more often than not in the New Year.

When I got home (from church) I had a fuyu persimmon, and a Japanese persimmon. The latter wasn’t ripe enough and I got “furry mouth” from it. Then I had some celery and the rest of my organic cucumber. Those have been so good. I wish I had some more. It will be the middle of January before I can order them, if they are available. Then I had a banana/apple/spinach smoothie.

I’m out of grapefruit so I had some OJ. After awhile, I had some tomatoes. I’m getting low on tomatoes. Then I blended up some cashew cheese and my supper was turnip “pasta” “Alfredo”.

Tonight, I had my Saturday night date with Monk and it’s past time for me to hit the hay. Gotta post my food on fitday and that will be it for me.

Good night! See you next year!

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