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My old refrain–“It’s late!” I’ve been getting comments on previous posts and, if I don’t answer them, I hope you’ll understand. My plate is pretty full right now, no pun intended. I didn’t get any exercising done this morning. I had time. I just frittered it away and was even half an hour late to […]

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I got my Benriner Cook Help spiral slicer today. I planned to come home and try it out but I was later getting here than I’d planned. I did get my produce from the organic co-op and I’ll have a chance to “play” another time. I got up and exercised everything then had breakfast of […]

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Too late to do much tonight. Breakfast: OJ, banana/blueberry smoothie. Lunch: OJ, two Clementines, pineapple, half a cherimoya, some potato “chips”. Supper: a bowl of tomatoes and a salad of romaine with Matt’s dip and lime juice. Finished off with pecans. I lost .25″ and that was in my upper arms. Had a visit with […]

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My deariss, my darleeng, to-maw-row is near…It’s al-most to-maw-row but what can I dooo? I must blog here every day. That much is too troooooo! So, here goes. I got up at about 6:30. I didn’t intend to exercise anything since I had to be at the church on time even if no one else […]

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25 weeks! I almost can’t believe it myself! I’m munching on romaine and avocado while I write this. The romaine I have been getting is kind of tough. I guess it’s winter romaine and I don’t like it nearly as much as summertime romaine. I wasn’t really “into” it until I started eating uncooked food […]

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I’m getting sleepy but this won’t take long. I got up too late to exercise any of my body parts or my eyes. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry smoothie. Break was dates. Lunch was bananas and dates. A former employee came to visit (the Food Police) and one of the nurses felt it was […]

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Well, THAT’S over. The office party, that is. It’s fun and I look forward to it every year but it’s stressful getting ready for it, too. Yesterday, I went to the party for the department heads at the administrator’s house. It’s enjoyable, too. We have a good group. In the a.m., I had my usual […]

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