I had my thrill for the day on the way home from Wal*Mart this evening. I was almost here and running at a pretty good clip when I saw a deer moving into my lane. Thank God for my nimble little Honda Civic. I swerved and missed the deer by inches. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one on that highway. I was a little shaky and had to head for the bathroom as soon as I got in the house.

I got up early enough to BodyFlex and do my other exercises but I didn’t have time for vision therapy. I’m at the stage where I can do it less often and maintain. I need to get my near vision as good as my far. I still have trouble seeing things up close unless it’s on the computer screen.

Breakfast was OJ, a white sapote, and a banana/blueberry/spinach/mango smoothie. It was the best one so far. Break was medjools and two fuyu persimmons. The wife of one of the patients had told me that someone she knew had been to Israel and had persimmons and loved them. I had her come to my office and try them. She brought her daughter with her so they both were introduced. They could understand the friend’s feeling. It just so happens that the ones I got from Atlanta are from Israel.

My DIL called me with the news that my four year old granddaughter had her tonsils and adenoids out today. That was a shock. She thought she’d told me but I think I would have remembered that. She finally conceded that she must have failed to. She came through it fine and will probably bounce back quickly. She’s a sturdy little thing for all the problems she’s had in her short life.

Lunch was about 2/3 a large cucumber, a white sapote, a Japanese persimmon, a couple of Clementines, and three small bananas. Two of the people I was eating with tried the sapote and persimmon and liked them. Several people have told me that they never knew there were so many different kinds of fruit until they ate with me. I let them know I haven’t even scratched the surface.

When I got home after my heart-stopping incident, I had the rest of the grapefruit (I just thought of two I didn’t remember I have) juiced. Then I had a bowl of tomatoes. I made a romaine/parsley/avocado salad but it was taking so long to eat that I dumped it into the blender and made it into blended salad. I had to add a little water to make it go down into the blades. It was good.

I still haven’t tried any of the most recent shipment of dates. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. There are 10 varieties and I haven’t ever eaten most of them.

It’s past my bedtime again. Later!

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  1. Vegan Momma December 31, 2005 at 7:10 pm #

    I had a near miss a few months ago. The deer darted from the woods as I was leaving my house.

    There are a lot of fruit and veggies out there I am itching to try. I will be planting some of the new vegetables in the garden during this years planting season.

  2. Tommie December 31, 2005 at 10:48 pm #

    That’s the kind of thrill I can do without.

    I haven’t had a garden for years but it would be nice to have at least some tomato plants and basil if nothing else.

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