I’m at my son’s place and it’s raining. I got here while it was still daylight which was nice. They’d just gotten home, themselves, so it worked out well.

On the way here, I stopped by the cemetery and took some pictures of my mother’s stone that was set just a few days ago.

Mother's Stone

Mother’s Stone
I think she would have liked it. If you right click on the picture and open the image, it will come up full size. The picture of Mother is much nicer that way.

I had a couple of bananas and then a bowl of tomatoes. I would have had grapefruit juice if I’d been at home but I forgot about it. Then I broke out the turnip “pasta” that I’d fixed with my spiral slicer and it was surprisingly good. I’d soaked it in lemon water and then rinsed it with hot salt water. I had my cashew “cheese” over it and it was yummy. Wish I had more for tomorrow but I finished off all the “pasta”. I also had four stuffed mushrooms. And I’m stuffed, too. My son tried a mushroom with “cheese” and liked it.

Tonight, we watched “While You Were Sleeping” and “The Santa Clause 2–The Mrs. Clause”. They are both good. The first is one of my favorite movies.

I’m sleeping in the livingroom tonight. My granddaughter got some pretty new flannel sheets and a beautiful quilt and wants to sleep in her own room and I don’t blame her. She has “carwash” sheers over her windows that are neat, too.

The cats have been having a good time tonight. I left my cat with part of the cat food that I’d put out for her this morning. I got up to about a tablespoon of the raw prepared food mixed with a full can of Fancy Feast and she ate it.

I’m going to go listen to my granddaughter play the piano.

Good night! BTW, I’m putting a link to my fitday account over on the right so it will be easy to access.

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