I made it out of bed before 7 and measured. This week, I’ve lost another three quarter inch in my upper ab section, an inch around my waist plus and inch and a half around my belly. My weight is stuck at 143.5, my full-term pregnancy weight. That’s okay. I may be building muscle and that could keep my weight up while my bulk goes down. My thighs and upper arms aren’t getting any smaller. I don’t really want my arms to get smaller. I would like them to firm up but I hear so much about the “wings” flapping on and on.

Since I didn’t have to leave until noon for my granddaughter’s recital, I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ, a persimmon, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I packed three bananas and some medjools for the trip.

I got to the meeting place early and it turns out that my son, bless his heart, had told me to get there 15 minutes before my DIL planned to be there. I ended up another 10 minutes before the time he’d told me so I had a wait of almost half an hour. I’d gotten out of the car to go to the bathroom when my DIL drove up. As it turns out, my food and water was left in my car.

The teacher’s house was just a couple of miles down the road. We were the first ones there. She’d fixed all sort of Christmas goodies with not a raw tidbit in sight. I didn’t let her know that she had a weirdo in her midst. There were enough people there to hide the fact that I wasn’t eating–I think. One other woman wasn’t eating, either, so I didn’t feel too strange.

My granddaughter did very well on her two pieces. She and her teacher played two carols as duets. I was impressed with her touch and how well she kept time. She has real potential to be a fine musician. She has a beautiful voice, too. Not many 10 year olds are that talented. Of course, I’m not a bit prejudiced.

They took me back to my car and I told them all good-bye. My grandmother-in-law is going back to Indiana before long so I wished her well.

I stopped by the market at the university and ate my bananas at one of the tables. I did my shopping and set out to get gifts for the rest of the people on my list. It was getting after dark when I finished up and left for Wal*Mart. I ate my dates on the way there.

Much of the produce was either not fit to be had or too expensive. I wanted to get some fuyus but they were $1.28 each and I’m not going to pay that. I ended up with lettuce and parsley for me and some chicken breasts for my cat.

I hadn’t had time to go by my mother’s grave this morning (I thought) and it was after dark when I passed by the turnoff on the way home. This makes the fourth time.

When I got home, I fixed some grapefruit juice for a quick pick-me-up and proceeded to unload the car. After that, I put my pizza in the dehydrator and got out some “mashed potatoes” to try again. While the chill was being knocked off them, I had a large bowl of tomatoes. After they settled some, I took a bite of the “potatoes” and put them in the garbage. I ate a little of the “gravy” and it went in, too. I never did get around to eating the pizza. I did have a few almonds.

I’m not going to figure up the calories, etc. I’ll do that tomorrow and report it then.

Good night!

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