I didn’t get up until after 8 this morning. I had my Quiet Time, then caught up on my e-mail and the forum. My son had already left for work long before that and the rest of the people were asleep.

Breakfast was bananas and medjools.

The phone rang several times and I’d try to catch it before it woke my DIL, but no luck. She’d go back to bed but then it would ring again.

My grandmother-in-law and our granddaughter finally woke. I was ready to eat again by that time so I got out the spreads and dip I’d taken and the veggies. I was going to make it a substantial meal so I’d last until I got home.

Much to my surprise, my granddaughter agreed to try everything. She was okay with the Mock Salmon Pate, didn’t like the dip, but liked the Mexican Almond Spread. I left what I didn’t eat.

It was raining off and on, but I loaded the car during one of the slack times.

When I got to the store at the university, I realized I’d left my jacket. I called and let them know I’d come back for it after I got what I’d gone for. One thing I got was some kelp to try a salad that Roger posted on the forum. I need to get a cucumber but that’s the only ingredient I don’t have.

I dashed back to GA and got my jacket and I was on my way to Wal*Mart.

The weather was pretty nasty all the way back. I got to Wally World okay and found that they had some more Japanese persimmons so I bought a dozen. The woman at the checkout was amazed at them, as was the man in line behind me. He had never seen persimmons that big. The cashier said she would try them. I was glad I hadn’t bought them all. A couple of things I got were stew beef and a cornish game hen for my cat. The cashier started to put my lettuce in with them and I stopped her. She looked a little puzzled so I explained that I’m a vegetarian and that was for my cat. I didn’t want my food in with hers.

It was too late when I was coming up the mountain to stop at Mother’s grave. It made me feel bad but she doesn’t know anything about it.

With all the clouds, it had gotten dark pretty early. I’m used to walking from the driveway to the house in such conditions and it’s a good thing. It took nine trips to unload everything.

I opened up the container of stew beef and put it in a couple of freezer bags. I couldn’t resist giving my cat a little piece. She smelled it, licked it, walked off and I thought, “Well, that is that, but she’s going to learn to like it.” She came back shortly and gave it another sniff then ate it. I gave her another little bit and she ate it, too, and wanted more but I figured that easy does it. When I’d emptied the container, I put it with the little panty liner looking thing in the bottom on the floor and she licked it clean and meowed for more. I have the hen in the fridge, thawing. I don’t have a clue what to do with it unless I take a cleaver and hack it into pieces. If anyone has any ideas, leave me a comment or two.

With everything put away, I set about getting something to eat. I still wasn’t particularly hungry but I needed something. I finally made a banana/apple smoothie and drank it. I know I haven’t had sufficient calories today. I haven’t been able to follow my usual routine, either.

I’d washed my sheets the other day so I got them back on the bed. Think I’ll go try them out.

One of these days, I’ll get caught up on posting my pictures, etc.

Good night!

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