I’m at my son’s place and my granddaughter, her other grandmother and I just got through watching “Elf”. That is, my granddaughter and I watched it. My grandmother-in-law slept through most of it. She was telling me that she is tired all the time and it reminded me of how I used to be.

I got up before the alarm went off this morning and started getting ready to go to my g-daughter’s baptism. I made Mock Salmon Pate, Matt’s dip, and some Mexican Almond Spread so I’d have something to share. I had OJ, two kiwi, and a smoothie (banana/blueberry).

The weather was pretty nasty. There was a freezing rain falling when I left and the car was iced over but not hard. The ice came off the windshield easily. Once I started down the road, it was cold enough that it started icing over again but the engine soon warmed up enough to melt it and I came on.

I didn’t have time to stop by Mother’s grave and made it to the church with just minutes to spare.

The service was really nice. It was the Adventurer’s Club Sabbath and everyone had a part. The baptism was beautiful and my granddaughter did well. She was very poised and not a bit nervous. The pastor who baptized her is the youth pastor. He and his family will be leaving for Africa as soon as they can sell their house and they will be missed.

There was a potluck after church so I took my bananas and dates in and ate them while the rest of the people ate their cooked fare and tiny salads. I sat with my grandmother-in-law and my niece with her two children. Her daughter is really shooting up and is getting to be quite the young lady.

When we got to the house, I had a big bowl of tomatoes, then a salad, then some carrot sticks, celery, and chayote with some of Matt’s dip. I’m the only one who has eaten any of that food. My son and DIL have gone to the annual Christmas party for his area at work.

I’m going to check the forum and I’ll try to catch up on my caloric intake tomorrow.

Good night!

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