23 weeks uncooked!

I am stuffed, tight as a tick! I’m going to make this short because I’m going to have to be up bright and early in the morning.

Exercised, breakfast of orange juice, kiwi, persimmon, banana/blueberry smoothie.

Break time–dates. Lunch, five small bananas and more dates.

Grapefruit juice when I got home. Tomatoes later. Salad after that. “Pizza” with mashed up avocado instead of cashew sauce after the salad. I think I liked it better this time than any of the others. I’d chopped all the toppings so it was easier to handle, too. I couldn’t finish it. I threw away less than 1/4 of it and ate all the avocado (of course).

I haven’t logged my food. Will do that another time.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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