I was up this morning before the alarm went off. It’s one extreme to another.

I did all my exercises, both body and eyes. Breakfast was orange juice, a smoothie (banana/blueberry–surprise!), and a kiwi.

Break was dates and water. Lunch was more dates and bananas.

When I got home, I changed into my “before and during” clothes and did some eight second look shots. I won’t post them until I have time to resize and crop them. It takes awhile so it may be this weekend before I get them uploaded.

After that, I had some grapefruit juice. Then it was a bowl of tomatoes followed by a salad of romaine, Boston, and tomato. I’d put the rest of the pizza in the dehydrator and had it sprinkled with some nutritional yeast flakes. I’ll have to remember that it isn’t an improvement.

Calories were 1853, fat 10%, protein 7%.

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