22 weeks! Can you believe it?

22 weeks! Can you believe it?

I didn’t take my laptop with me. I even shocked myself. That’s the first time I’ve ever left it home when I was going to be gone overnight. There wasn’t much use to take it because the phone jack doesn’t work where I’d need to plug it in and my DIL doesn’t have a wireless hub. I lived.

Before I left, I ate some bananas and dates.

Out of the Dehydrator

I took the UnMeatLoaf out of the dehydrator.

Ready for Transport

When I was loading the car, I managed to drop the UnMeatloaf on the floor of the back seat. The lid stayed on so it was okay. After I got it where I was going, I checked it and there was some BBQ sauce on the lid and the side of the container. I scraped that off and put it back on the ‘loaf and it was okay.

My DIL was just in the process of getting their meal ready.


I made a salad and put out my offerings along with a sliced tomato (not shown).

It took quite awhile for her to get it done so I went in and sat down to visit with my granddaughter.

By and by, the meal was ready to go and she loaded her plate and started to take it off the counter. The table was loaded with scrapbooking stuff so we were going to eat in the family room.

Thanksgiving Dinner

She waited long enough for me to get a picture. If you look closely, you will be able to see a little green under the mushroom soup so it wasn’t quite all the same color. Even though the three of them are meateaters, she opted to kill the fatted soymeat Smoked Turkey Roll since my son doesn’t care for the real thing. I’m getting more and more convinced, though, that the real thing would be preferable to the fake. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it since I’ve never tasted meat but it would probably do a body more good.

My Raw Plate

I offered to share my food but I didn’t have any takers. After I finished this plateful, I had another small helping of UnMeatloaf and some more salad.

I slept in my granddaughter’s bed and did very well, thank you. I woke a couple of times in the night to avail myself of the bathroom but that’s all. When I got up and weighed, I vowed to bring those scales home with me. They put me at 142 when the ones here at home are, at least, three lubs heavier.

Breakfast was three bananas and some dates. When my granddaughter came into the kitchen, her eyes lit up when she saw the last banana. I gave it to her, hoping that she would eat it all. When my daughter was her age, she could polish off a baseball bat-sized banana with no problem. My g-daughter ate a couple of bites and threw the rest away.

Black Friday wasn’t a thing that any of us were into. I stopped at the supermarket on the university campus and that was it.


One of my purchases was a chayote (and I forgot to put any in my salad this evening). This is the picture I thought I had taken before.

Back into the Dehydrator

When I got home and brought everything in, I sliced up the rest of the UnMeatloaf and put it in the dehydrator. I think it will be better. When my daughter made it, that’s what she did, too. I never did find out if it improved it or not. It’s good but it was still a little soft and mushy.

I was pretty hungry so I fixed some orange juice and drank it. After awhile, I had a banana/blueberry smoothie and a persimmon (one of the smaller ones). Later, I had my bowl of tomatoes. I’m working on my aforementioned salad and am planning to have some UnMeatloaf and a SunBurger. The latter is better since it’s had time for the flavors to mingle. I fixed some cashew sauce to go on it that helps, too.

I’ll try to get back on here and post my calories, etc., for the last couple of days.

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