Did all my exercises this a.m. plus I was ready to go in time to stop and fill up the gas tank.

Breakfast was a pear and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

Dates for mid-morning break, lunch was bananas and dates. Afternoon snack was dates.

After work, I went to meet the delivery person for my co-op order. The people had failed to put my pineapple in so I’ll get them tomorrow.

Came home, had a bowl of tomatoes and started making my salad. The romaine was pretty but it’s kind of tough. Guess the Lord in His wisdom kept my order to one since I would have been hard put to use more than that. The red leaf is very tender. The avocados are beautiful, the basil is very nice. I’ll keep ordering but not the romaine again.

It’s been raining buckets all day and had turned into tremendous snowflakes when I got halfway up the mountain. Town has gotten over 2″ precipitation. If it had been cold enough, we would have gotten lots of snow. I tried looking out to see what it’s doing but my outside light is burned out. I couldn’t make out anything other than it’s still wet. Temp is 33 degrees.

I ate most of my salad. It was romaine, red leaf, tomato, avocado, and lime juice. It took a lot of chewing to eat what I did.

I was talking to one of the ladies from the church today and she was surprised that I hadn’t already reached my goal of 120. She said I look like I have. I may rethink my goal and go more by size and not weight.

Calories for today were 1644, 15% fat, 7% protein. I’ve burned almost 2300 so I’ll still lose.

Better hit the hay!

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