It’s a lot later than I wanted to be up but I was coerced into making salsa again. I’m glad everyone likes it but it would be nice if someone else would make it for a change. I’ve given out the recipe but no one has seen fit to use it. Next time, I will just say no. I also had to unpack the latest shipment of dates and stow it. Plus I’d gone by the Apple House and got a bag of apples and a box of tomatoes. They are all rather small but I think they’ll be good.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie, a persimmon (one of the smaller ones), and two kiwi.

I had dates mid-morning. Lunch was wet pack dates and bananas. I meant to go by and get some more bananas but maybe they’ll still be on sale for three lubs for $1.

When I got home, I had my large bowl of tomatoes and then a huge salad. I topped it all off with a large romaine leaf broken in two with a smear of Mock Salmon Pate on one half and Mexican Almond Dip on the other one.

Calories were 1656, fat 11%, protein 8%.

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