I got home a little while ago from the annual spaghetti supper and talent show to benefit the school. I sang “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” and “Mairzy Doats”. When I was announced, people started clapping and cheering. That was a boost. Then I sang the first song and they seemed to like it. When I sang the second, on the second chorus I went into a falsetto and people were about falling off their chairs. I got a good round of applause both times. It was fun!

I had so much to do this morning that I didn’t have time to do anything but vision therapy. I did a couple of sets of squats/pushups over the workday. I fixed my lunch (which isn’t hard) but I had to fix a salad for this evening and get things together for my tomato appetizer, too. It doesn’t sound like much but it takes awhile to make the salad the way I do.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie and a large kiwi.

Mid-morning, I ate five medjools and had some water. Lunch was four bananas and some wet pack dates. I feel like I can just say, “I had the usual.” There isn’t a lot of variety but I’m the kind of person who can eat the same thing over and over and be happy.

I fixed my tomatoes along about 4:30 work time (I’m on Central there and Eastern at home) and had them in the breakroom. People were amazed that I would eat that many. I’m sure that they wouldn’t have been shocked if I’d had that much tomato soup.

My salad and I went on over to the supper later on (obviously). There were several salads there so I really didn’t need to make one but I’m like a Boy Scout–I’m always prepared. When the supper started, one of the school kids brought me a bowl of salad. I dumped it in with mine and it made very little difference. While the others ate their tiny salads and limp spaghetti (but that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?) I munched on better stuff. I wasn’t finished when my name was called but I kept on when I got back to my seat.

When things were picked up and packed up, one of the ladies had a large container of lettuce that hadn’t been touched. She had me take enough for my salad for tomorrow. She assured me that it had been torn, not cut. When I got home, I rinsed it well with hot water so it will be crisp when I eat it.

The only thing I have to do tomorrow, work-wise, is go to a supervisors’ meeting at the Big House. It doesn’t start until 1 so I won’t have to get up in the morning until I feel like it. Lady of Leisure!

Calories were 1532, 11% fat, 7% protein.

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