It’s raining! We’ve needed rain for so long! Thank you, Lord!

I got up so late that I blew off any kind of exercising. I did do several sets of 30 squats and 20 wall pushups each throughout the day.

Breakfast was orange juice, a small kiwi, a large kiwi, and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

Mid-morning, I had some dates and water. Lunch was bananas and wet pack dates.

When I got home, I made enough salsa for my area and anyone that wants it otherwise. The person that I share an office with is going to bring chips.

Before that, I fixed one of the smaller persimmons and ate it after I took its picture. I really am going to get those pictures on here one of these days. I’ll surprise all of us.

I was pretty hungry so the bowl of tomatoes really tasted good. After that, I squeezed a lime into what was left of Matt’s dip and put the resulting mixture over my large salad of Boston, romaine, snow peas, and tomato. I’d gotten the romaine at the local supermarket and it was less than perfect but I got enough out of it for my salad and still had some left.

Calories for today were 1624, 6% fat (I think that’s a record low), 7% protein.

Good night!

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