19 weeks!

It was a long day and I’m about ready to hit the hay. Gotta blog, though, so here goes.

Since I’d set the clock yesterday, I didn’t try to get up an hour ahead of time and ended up not having time to BF. I did everything else.

Breakfast was “oatmeal” with raisins and a kiwi. I’d gotten a potato masher to fix the “oatmeal” and it was a lot easier than mashing it with a fork and it was soooooo good! I never did like oatmeal a whole lot but this is yummy.

Mid-morning, I went ahead and ate my bananas and dates. I’d taken five dates but my friend had craved dates ever since she saw mine yesterday so I gave her one of them.

Lunch was celery and carrot sticks and cucumber with Matt’s dip. I’d taken enough to share but ended up eating it all by myself (not all the dip).

I worked like someone possessed and still didn’t get done. I’ll have to go in for awhile on Sunday to have everything ready by Monday.

Something I want to get is a citrus juicer. I’d love to have one like the one that was in my uncle’s drugstore but I’m sure it’s long gone. I used an old-fashioned glass kind to juice my grapefruit. It was a bowl of tomatoes between that and a huge salad.

My calories for the day were 1446, 19% (!) fat and 8% protein.

Happy Sabbath!

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