18 weeks!

I’m at my son’s place and they are having water problems. I feel sorry for them and wish I could fix it but I’m mostly staying out of the way.

Didn’t do any of my exercising this morning–not even vistion therapy.

Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. I took the smoothie to work with me and drank it while I tried to get caught up.

Mid-morning, I had some dates and water. I hate being without watermelon.

I hadn’t taken a lunch because my sister was to call me when they got fairly close. When the call came, they were still an hour out. I waited for 45 minutes and started home.

They were there when I got there and we got the things unloaded. I have a CHAIR in my livingroom now! They got out their lunch and proceeded to chow down. All they had was processed, man-made stuff. I offered to make them a salad but they didn’t take me up on it. They did eat some dates, though, and seemed to enjoy them.

After they ate, they were on their way so I made a salad. It was pretty much same as usual. Romaine, Boston, spinach, green onion, avocado, tomato, and lime juice. I sat and watched one of my recorded shows.

It was time to pick up my tomatoes. I went by the service station and filled the car with gas. I was about out of water and wasn’t sure that I would be able to find any there but they had several kinds.

The tomatoes were sitting out in front of the stand. I knocked on the trailer door and paid for them, loaded them up, went home, unloaded, then loaded my things and left. I got here shortly after dark.

I peeled and chunked up 14 Roma tomatoes and had them with a little garlic powder and sea salt. Later, I had some dates and a banana/date smoothie.

I can tell I need to get to bed. It was after midnight when I got to sleep last night and I got up before the alarm went off around 4:57.

Calories were 1364, fat 13%, protein 8%.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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