I was late getting up AGAIN this morning. Once I made it out of bed, though, I was rarin’ to go.

I did my Lightning Speed Exercises plus a few more routines that I added on my own from days gone by so I wasn’t totally inert.

Breakfast was “oatmeal” with raisins. I used four smallish organic bananas with cinnamon. I had several dates, too.

It was a little on the cool side to be eating watermelon out of doors but I managed it by sitting in the sun.

Lunch was eaten in the break room with people looking on in awe of my huge salad. This one had so many greens in it that I had to get a mixing bowl to put it in. It was romaine, Boston, parsley, tomato, avocado, onion, and lime juice. One of the girls said that she had never seen anyone eat parsley. She thought it was just a garnish. I have loved it all my life. My father used to give me his when he would take us out to eat when I was three years old. Funny what we tend to remember.

This was the day to pick up my green tomatoes. They are beautiful. The veggie man charged me what he paid for them–$10 a box. I bought enough ripe ones to do me until I get back.

When I got home, I had my usual bowl of tomatoes with sea salt. I didn’t get online because Roger was supposed to call me. I finished my tomatoes and waited for the phone to ring at the appointed time. Problem is, Roger had e-mailed me that he needed to call me a little later than planned but I hadn’t gotten online to check my e-mail because I didn’t want to tie up the line. Talk about a Catch-22! As soon as I did give up and get online, Roger called. I got off and called him back and then he called me back. We had a good conversation–about 1 1/2 hours and he recorded most of it to put on his private site for the forum members to access. One of the things I asked him was about salt. He read me something from Fuhrman’s book that makes a real argument against eating salt. I’m going to have to give it the old college try and give it up.

After we finished our call, I ate some bananas and dates. I’d talked to The Date People Person today and found out that I needed to put the berry cups the wet pack dates are in, in ZipLoc bags to keep them from drying out. The medjools are fine in the bags the way they are because they are firm and keep their shape. I took care of it a little while ago and that’s when I had a good sample of each of the varieties. He told me that the varieties should be printed on the box they were in but they aren’t so I’ll have to call him another time and describe the dates to him. I have lots right now but there’s one kind that is extremely scrumptious.

My calorie count is (exactly?) 1601 with 10% fat and 8% protein.

I feel the need to get to bed. I’m going to a conference tomorrow through Friday and will have a two hour, at least, drive to get there. I still have to pack but most of tomorrow is a travel day so I can do that in the morning.

Good night, oil! (to quote my mother)

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